SINO Plastic Pallet Production Line


SINO is one of the important suppliers offering the one stop proposal of whole line for Pallet Production line. It is a morden technology enterprise that concentrates on technology design, manufacturing and marketing as one. Our products include pallet injection moulding system, pallet mold,auxiliary equipment, by 20 years' experience. With a specific know-how of the Pallet molding production process, it is an ideal partner in the development of complete system for this type of application.

SINO has rich experience of pallet mould, we have made a great progress on the design, especially for cooling part, such as we we widen the water channel and increase some beryllium copper. Match with ABB robot, now the cycle time is only 69s, which is the leading level among peers.

As the choice of injection machine, we use DKM2250SV, which is researched specially for pallet production by our company. Instead of traditional 2800T machine, we help you save the cost.

If you are looking for Plastic Pallet Production Line, welcome to contact for yours.