Advantages of Plastic Paint Pail Mould

  • Sino Paint Pail Mould

    Sino Mould, a famous mould manufacturer in China, is specialized in providing high quality Plastic Paint Pails Mould with our experienced R&D team for over 20 years. We have provided more than 2500 paint pail moulds for customers domestic and abroad. Our plastic paint pails moulds have the following advantages.


    1. Multiple Mould Kinds

    We can provide various kinds of paint pails moulds from 1L to 3L, 1 gallon to 5 gallon in volume, from square, round to oval in style.


    2. Decorations Way

    We are able to provide with 3 types of decorations according to customers’ different requirements.

        1. In Mould Labeling (IML)

    Our 20L paint pail production line is equipped with IML system realizing in-mold label and pail molding at the same time, which helps shorten cycle time and save labor cost. We’ve realized 15s short cycle of 20L paint pail by equipped with IML system.

        2. Heat Transfer Printing

        3. Digital Print


    3. Suitable Mould Steel

    Different requirements of pails production decide different types of steels. The parts of the steels used in the mould also make a difference. We can help choose suitable types of steel to help customers receive products with high performance as you want.


    4. Optimal Mould Cooling

    In order to meet customers’ needs to shorten the cycle time, we not only choose the superior cooling channels, but also install the Cu-Be inserts on bottom area or top mouth rib area to speed up cooling.


    5. Complete Production Line

    What you can get from us are not only paint pail moulds but also a complete production line. Sino Group, as a turnkey project supplier, is keen on offering turnkey solution for our customers to save their time and run the whole production line in short term.


    6. Superior Mould Tooling Machineries

    As a container of paint, paint pail has high requirements for acentric and sealing property which increases the requirements of tooling machines. Sino Mould has equipped excellent tooling machines to ensure the precision of production.


    If you want to start your plastic paint pail production, Sino Plastic Paint Pail Mould will be your good choice.

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